Baby: “Mother the Mother” Postpartum Support

My approach to postpartum support is “mother the mother” to ensure that your family’s primary focus is enjoying and caring for your new baby. I provide gentle, guided assistance with matters such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery, bonding, sleeping, infant soothing and basic newborn care.

Enlisting a doulas support during the first weeks after baby arrives makes the transition smooth and builds confidence in your family unit.


Milk – Solutions to common breastfeeding issues, the scoop on bottles, working through milk supply worries, recognizing feeding cues, understanding newborn stomach portions, expressing, storage, formula options, sensitivities and all things milk related.

Sleep – Understanding newborn sleep patterns, signs of tiredness, settling baby to sleep, avoiding the witching hour and what to do when it happens.

Balance – Tips on managing less shut eye, making sense of the so called “4th trimester”, transitioning to mom + dad, assisting with light domestic duties and nurturing baby while you take a few moments for yourself.

Postpartum Support Rate: $25 p/h

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    Being a mother has become fundamental to who I am. It no longer feels like an ill-fitting coat, hanging loosely off the skeletal frame of my former self.

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