Post Baby Body Love – The Mid Drift Movement

A birth related link was sent to me, as my gal pals so often do, which introduced me to The Midriff Movement. HELLO and thank you Minnesota Mamas! Prepare to be inspired to love your post baby body. I know, I know it’s not always easy. We can be so very HARD on ourselves about our SOFT bodies, but rest assured that you are in good company with the bagillions of us who have avoided full length mirrors like the plague too.

Every woman’s body responds to pregnancy uniquely and when each tiny bundle arrives we are left forever changed physically + emotionally. Our silhouette changes and body image shifts as we embrace the babes who are the essence of our womanhood. If our figures are all different when we are able to call ourselves “MOM”, then at least we are the same in that. The physical transformation is REAL…REAL BEAUTIFUL if we accept and expose it. Let’s join the effort and transform mental perspectives on mom bods.

“Exposing the soft underbelly of motherhood.”

Birth Classes

Lafayette Birth Classes that ditch the clinical, florescent feel and promote a confident vibe in all things parenting related. A great place to feel like a person and not just pregnant or parents! From morning sickness to false labor…find strength in numbers and equip yourself with support that will allow your family to thrive!
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