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sound familiar?

Hoping for a natural birth and want to give yourself the best chance by knowing all of your options

Planning to have an epidural and wanting to do your best to avoid a cascade of interventions while laboring comfortably numb

Having an elective caesarean and want a positive birth experience, not just a surgery

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed about birth and want to explore those feelings

Believe you are a woman who is pregnant, not a patient with a medical condition

Have a partner who is unsure about their role, but is sure they do not want to be replaced



Better Birth Builder + Printable Inspiration

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A twist on the standard birth plan. Since there are at least two-zillion templates out there, this worksheet is designed to help you prepare for the big day by becoming acquainted with countless options, exploring emotions, recognizing likes and dislikes, as well as, highlighting topics for further discussion with, well, me I hope.

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